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The newest update for product egMember is available now, This release come with features and improvements: Update of templates using Responsive Design, makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). Update of Ins...
The newest update for product egSuperBusiness + Shop is available now, This release come with features: Improvements of responsive templates Improvements of ads features Improvements of frontpage design Improvements of investment features ...
Update for script egHyip is available now, here the details of updates: New payment plugin: New withdrawal plugin: Update of Instant messenger plugin, now work with WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, LINE, Telegram, WeC...
We are so happy to release of the newest version of egNetwork Ads This software is become more powerful with new features and improvements such as: Improvement of advertising features such as Banner ads, Text ads, Classified ads and Solo ads. ...
 We are pleased to announce the release of the newest update for product egInvestment .  This release come with features: New payment plugin, New withdrawal plugin, New feature to enable or disable...
Abel Fabrice from Abidjan:
 As always, the support provides fast and very useful help! Thank you again! 
28/02/2013 21:56 :
Newest update of egBusiness is available

We just released the newest update of egBusiness. The current version is v.3.3 and the download is available by accessing your product in account area.

 Here are the update list:

  1. Correcting statistic times
  2. Improvement of Genealogy tree
  3. Improvement of members article page
  4. Improvement of member expiration reminder
  5. Improvement of file downloads
  6. Improvement with stats logs

How to update tutorial is available in Account area -> Tutorials -> egBusiness v3

Thank You, Success Always!

EGN Software

11/02/2013 21:31 :
New product: egInvestment - The easiest way to build Investment Program

It is our pleasure to release new product in a lineup of EGN's products, We named it as egInvestment, is the easiest way to build Investment Program. Using this software you will be able to build any type of investment program or HYIP without having difficulties in how to build it.

We built this software based on our experience for many years and to respond our clients who need a comprehensive investment software but easy to manage. So this is the answer for our valuable customers who had been waiting for the presence of the new investment software.

egInvestment can be used for a simple investment/ Hyip program or used with more complex feature such as multiple interest rate, compounding, manual profit payment, set the working days and other advanced features. Please see more details of egInvestment feature at egInvestment Page.

For a limited time only, as new release promotion, we reduce the cost with 10% discount. Be hurry, because this promotion will be end soon.


Our best regards,


EGN Software

05/02/2013 15:05 :
egBusiness3 Translation Contest

We are planning to include another language into egBusiness3, so we make a contest for egBusiness3 owner to create new language translation bassed on their National language. So please participate to this contest and win Premium Templates for free. The templates are completely new and never used, this is a chance for you to make your website unique and beauty.

If you are speaking one of the language listed below and able to translate them from english translation. You can participate with this contest.

Our priority is to include languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Germany
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia

But if there are any language that you want to offer, please contact us.

The rules

  • Winner will receive 2 premium templates for free
  • Winner of each language is only one. The winner is who deliver faster with the best result
  • Participants must owning the copy of egBusiness3
  • Participants are able to deliver more than one languages
  • Please send the translation through Support Ticket
  • How to translate tutorial (Video) is available in account area

The Premium Templates




Thank You, Success Always!


EGN Software

14/01/2013 16:14 :
New update of egBusiness, egHyip and idMatrix

We just released the newest update for product egBusiness, egHyip and idMatrix.
The update is specialized to accommodate changes made by Liberty Reserve with their API interface of v.21.
As now Liberty Reserve is recommending to upgrade the API interface to v.21 for all users. So it is recommended for you to change your API setting to v.21 in your LR account.

Now your product is ready to work with API v.21 interface and it is available to download in your account area.

How to upgrade?
You need to follow the instruction to upgrade from the old release and we have wrote the instruction in your account area. Please login to your acocunt area and go to Tutorials page to read the instruction.

Thank you, and have a great day!
EGN Software
EGN Software


04/01/2013 22:17 :
egBusiness v 3.1 is available

Last update of egBusiness (v 3.1) is available with some fixes of:

  • Fixed: Payment problem especially for Payza payment gateway
  • Fixed: IPN script, remove the unused file
  • Fixed: Showing the matrix upline on upgrade account page, previously is not showed when the matrix width setting is set to zero (unlimited)
  • Improvement with Viral PDF to allow complex html design
  • Improvement with frontpage testimonial page
  • Improvement with GeoIP plugin

The update is available to download.

Best regards,

EGN Software

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