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The newest update for product egMember is available now, This release come with features and improvements: Update of templates using Responsive Design, makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). Update of Ins...
The newest update for product egSuperBusiness + Shop is available now, This release come with features: Improvements of responsive templates Improvements of ads features Improvements of frontpage design Improvements of investment features ...
Update for script egHyip is available now, here the details of updates: New payment plugin: New withdrawal plugin: Update of Instant messenger plugin, now work with WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, LINE, Telegram, WeC...
We are so happy to release of the newest version of egNetwork Ads This software is become more powerful with new features and improvements such as: Improvement of advertising features such as Banner ads, Text ads, Classified ads and Solo ads. ...
 We are pleased to announce the release of the newest update for product egInvestment .  This release come with features: New payment plugin, New withdrawal plugin, New feature to enable or disable...
Danny Blaise from Malaysia:
 I am very satisfied with the services and responses that I get from all of the EGN team. They never stop helping me although I always ask them questions almost everyday. Can you imagine how irritating it is if the support team of other site get me as their client. But EGN is different because customer is always first to them and they give highly motivated support to me. Thank you EGN Team Regards, Danny Blaise 
01/01/2013 15:24 :
egHyip version 2.3 is available!

Hello friends....

egHyip version 2.3 is available now, come with some fixes and improvements.

  • Add new Payment Gateway: EGOPAY
  • Add new Withdrawal Gateway: EGOPAY
  • Add new language translation: Spanish
  • Improvement with the Html design and PSD templates are included in the package.
  • and other small fixes and improvements to the core source and plugins

To download the new release, please login to your account area then access the product.

We also want to say " Happy New Year 2013 " Hope all the successful is with you!

Thank You, Success Always!

EGN Software

12/12/2012 18:19 :
The latest version of egBusiness (Version 3.0)

It is our pleasure to deliver the latest version of egBusiness (version 3.0). In this latest version there are many changes to the previous version that almost 90% of change. But of course this change is to make egBusiness more reliable.

The following are some of the changes:

-  Powerful Network Options - One of the best feature of egBusiness is the Network Membership. In egBusiness3 we make network configuration becomes more powerful with feature of Matrix n X n (width x depth) comes with configuration for Cycle Matrix and Bonus Options such as Sponsor Bonus, Bonus Level, Cycle Bonus & Point Bonus. egBusiness3 provides many options for you to create your business plan strategy.

-  Online Editor - Now will be very easy to change the content of your website, because egBusiness3 is equipped with CMS System (Content Management System) that can make changes to your content using the online content editor. So it will greatly save your time and effort, even for ordinary people will be able to edit their website content by themselves.

-  Features Controller - egBusiness3 come with a complete control for each feature available. You can control any feature on your website easily in Admin Area.

-  Beautiful Design - New beautiful design using valid html and css. In the product package, we provide 5 templates that you can use to beautify your website.

-  Image Manager - Changing images on the website can be a difficult job. But in egBusiness3 it becomes very easy using the Image Manager to upload your image or your company logo. Uploading images is no longer done by manually!

-  Banner Manager - You can place Promotional Banner images on the Front Page also in Member Area automatically, even comes with a Banner Rotator feature. We guarantee that your website will be more interesting!

-  Secure Area - There are some additional features to make the Admin Area and Member Area to be safer. Everything can be controlled in the Admin area.

-  Multiple Admin with Access - Your website can be maintained by several Admin, and you can specify the level access allowed for each Admin type , so that you can create a team to run your online business activities.

-  And much more... Such as Add Fund , Viral PDF, Internal Fund Transfer, Registration Field Controller, Search Engine Optimization, Live Support, Social and others...

With egBusiness3, we can guarantee that your online business activity become easier! Creating a business website has become very easy even for an ordinary people. No specific knowledge required, as long as you can read and type, you can build your business website.

To feel how easy it is, please try the demo at , and for the Admin Area:
You can get the login password here....

Order egBusiness ?
We offer a Special Price as the year-end promotion. Please make an order at here.. . Do not waste the opportunity...!


Best regards,

EGN Software


12/12/2012 17:59 :
Year-end Promo, Discount 8%

Starting today, on December 12, 2012 until January 1, 2013 we provide special pricing, ie 8% discount for product purchase .

Do not waste this opportunity...! Order your desired product now...


Best regards,

EGN Software

EGN - 

26/06/2012 15:03 :
egHyip 2.2 has been released

egHyip version 2.2 has been released with new features, bug fixes and some improvements.

  • New feature on investment plan: Able to set the Working Days for each investment plan and you can set different working days for each investment plan, in other words You can set on which day you will pay the investment profit.
  • New feature on investment plan: Able to set the payment of investment profit, directly to account balance each time investor gets profit or pay to account balance upon completion of the investment.
  • Added new configuration: Hold Profit, You can turn off/ hold investment profit temporary if your company is in holiday and continue profit if your company is back to work.
  • New look design, and more PSD templates included, so it is easier to design your website
  • Added payment plugins: Solidtrustpay and OKPAY
  • Improving the Cronjob file and adding a cronjob logs
  • and other small fixes and improvements to the core source and plugins

How to install and How to upgrade is documented in Tutorials page in your account area. To download the update, please login to your account area then access the product.

Link to product details: egHyip version 2.2

Thank You, Success Always!



17/05/2012 13:37 :
Important Update for egBusiness, egHyip and idMatrix

Since Alertpay has been changed to Payza and there are some changes with the payment module which affected to our software payment module, then we must update our software to work with the new Payza payment module. That is why we updated egBusiness, egHyip and idMatrix. The change is with the old payment module "Alertpay" to the new payment module "Payza"

You can download this new version of egBusiness, egHyip and idMatrix in members area, Please login to your account area then access your product.

Best regards & Success Always!


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