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 We are pleased to announce the release of the newest update for product egInvestment .  This release come with features: New payment plugin, New withdrawal plugin, New feature to enable or disable...
Karl Manfred Fandrich from Bangkok:
 EGN Support is very good and fast with accurate answers, will buy the script from them for our project.  
Professional scripts for HYIP & Investment business
We provide professional scripts for HYIP and Investment business. Our rich feature hyip scripts provides a great deal of automation and flexibility, allowing for almost hands free management of your hyip and investment business. Our Hyip scripts are the best solution for both corporate businesses and web entrepreneurs to handle various activities of your professional Investment business.

HYIP/ Investment scripts: egSuperBusiness  :  egInvestment  :  egHyip

Investment Features 
  1. Unlimited Investment Packages. Create unlimited plan with configurable options.
  2. Multiple Interest Rate. You can set the interest rate for each deposit amount range.
  3. Unlimited Payout Plan. You can set how many times the profit will be paid, up to unlimited.
  4. Compounding. Set Enable or Disable compounding with specific amount allowed and Members can change their compounding percentage anytime.
  5. Cancellation. Set Enable or Disable deposit cancellation with time range allowed.
  6. Working Days. Set the working days of each investment package, so you will be able to select which days the profit will be paid.
  7. Plan Limitation. Able to set membership restriction for investment packages.
  8. Manual Profit Payment. Able to see which deposits needed to pay and perform profit payment manually.
  9. Automatic Profit Payment. Pay profit automatically by system using automation program.
  10. Dinamic Interest rate. You can change the profit interest rate when paying profit manually.
  11. Deposit Default Status. You can set the default status of new deposit (On hold or Running).
  12. Bonus/ Testing Plan. Create a deposit for testing/bonus/giveaway purpose.
  13. Signup Bonus. Able to give any amount to new member joined as a locked balance. The balance is restricted to use with the Bonus/Testing Plan only. This feature will create a massive new members for your program!
  14. Add Fund Commission. You can give commission to members when their downlines perform add fund.
  15. Deposit Referral Commission. You can give commission to members when their downlines create new deposit.
  16. Deposit Level Commission. You can give commission to members network on new deposit created.
  17. Commission Limitation. You can set how the commission will be paid (repeatable or non repeatable) and you can also give free member commission.
  18. Income Calculator. Using Deposit Simulation, your members are able to see how they deposit will be run and calculate the profit will be earned.
  19. Deposit Logs. Members are able to see their deposit history including the profit payments.
  20. Email and SMS notification. You can set email notification and even a SMS notification to your members notifying their deposit activities.
  21. And many more... We suggest you to see the demo to see another features...


Our hyip scripts provide automation and flexibility, featuring customizable template driven webpages, full payment and transaction integration. Auto generate and personalize members referral page. Full admin area for complete control over your program and members and add multiple products for your members to download.

  • Network Marketing / MLM / Force Matrix
  • Single / Multi-Tier Affiliate Program
  • Recruiting / Affiliate / Referral System
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Website Replication System
  • Classified Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads
  • Secure Membership Management
  • Downline Builder System
  • Randomizer Program
  • Support System
  • Lead Generation
  • Investment & Hyip
  • View more features here...

No monthly fees to use the software, Get Free updatates for 1 year, Free installation and Free 1 year webhosting for selected products. Once the product activated, you can download the product in Members Area.
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