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Febry Fadly from Jakarta:
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EGN Member to Member Donation software
EGN Member to Member Donation
EGN Member to Member Donation
Product name  : EGN Member to Member Donation
Free web hosting  : (1 year)
Free install  :
Free updates  : (1 year)
Price  : $352.94 $270.59 + Discount 20% Limited offer!
Free assistance/ standard support; Free templates; Free downloads
Open source code, just some files encrypted so it is easy to customize according to your needs.
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EGN Member to Member Donation is a software (php script) for member to member donations program using Bitcoin that work automatically with API Confirmations.

This software is working with multi level/stage upgrade & subscriptions, Upgrade cost for any level can be set freely by admin and members are free to upgrade their level/stage anytime in their account area.

Product features
  1. Powerful Network Options. Works with customized network option, width and depth of the matrix can be determined freely (nXn).
  2. Levels Upgrade, to get income of each network stage, members can  perform level upgrade anytime in their members area.
  3. Subscriptions. Can be set to enable or disable subscriptions so members can be paid over and over again such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly
  4. Automatic API Confirmations, that will do all process automatically.
  5. Integrated Support ticketing system. You don't need to install third party ticketing software because this software is own it and available directly in members area.
  6. Content Management System. Now will be very easy to change the content of your website, using the 'Online Content Editor' you can edit your website content online in Admin Area. So it will greatly save your time and effort, even for ordinary people will be able to edit their website content by themselves.
  7. Easy To Design & Responsive design provided. Working with smarty template system so it is easy to work with html codes using any standard html editor. You will be able to design easier, add more links or page without any restriction.
  8. Easy web based administration, management is done through your browser, come with a complete control for each feature available easily in Admin Area.
  9. Image Manager. Using Image Manager to upload your image or your company logo, Uploading images is easier!
  10. Banner Manager. You can place promotional banner images on the front page also in member area automatically, even comes with a Banner Rotator feature. We guarantee that your website will be more interesting!
  11. Multiple Admin with Level Access. Your website can be maintained by several Admin, and you can specify the level access allowed for each Admin type , so that you can create a team to run your online business activities.
  12. Support Multi Languages, you can add any new languages or edit the current language to your own custom language by editing the translation file.
  13. Multi Language Email Notification, such as welcome email, sponsor notification, membership activation, forgot password, membership expired, earning notification and others.
  14. Viral PDF to help member promoting through viral ebook marketing
  15. Articles Management, Admin can sent article easily by typing it in Admin Control Panel, and can be read directly by member (Password protect & limit member)
  16. Pages Management. You can create any amount of additional page to your website, it is easy using the Content Management System.
  17. Menus Management. You can also create any new menus to your website and link to the any page content you wish!
  18. Custom Member Fields. Able to add another field for member information, also set the required fields on registration or member profile.
  19. Registration Validation email. If you need new members to confirm their email address by sending a confirmation/ validation email.
  20. Unlimited Downloadable Products of products/downloadable products
  21. Auto Email, Can be used as Autoresponder/ Auto follow up facility to inactive members and active members.
  22. Full Logging & Report System
  23. No limit members quota, support for unlimited members
  24. Member can show photo/upload profile photo
  25. And many more... Please see the demo Here...

Server Requirements

Most of the professional web hosting company already support for our software requirements:

  • Web server with PHP 5++
    * Web Space 20 MB ++
    * CURL must be installed and be compiled into PHP
    * Free IonCube loader is required by PHP
    * Php register_globals = Off
    * Cron job in Cpanel
  • MySql database
  • Sendmail or Smtp

Order now , $352.94 $270.59 Limited offer!

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